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I got that sex coffee beam

...but I taste like vanilla

Anastasia Beaverhausen
5 October
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My name is Marissa-Elena. I go by Marissa. Or Mer, Big Mer, or the BMB. A couple more nicknames exist...but unless you are special...I probably won't respond to any of those special names if you yell one of them out to me. I'm just your average sophomore in college, full time student, part time worker at the local Starbucks. I'm 20 (and what a deep chasm it is between 20 and 21) and trying to enjoy every minute of it. My idea of enjoying youth is different from most and I would much rather stay home and watch "The Golden Girls" or "The Nanny" on Lifetime than be a party girl. If you like Adult Swim, I think we will be fast friends. If you want to watch "Family Guy" or "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" I got them on DVD! I'm single and loving it, because really...what is more lame than a girl who needs to have a guy 100% of the time. I know!

My journal is updated fairly often, and most of it is about my daily adventures. If you like hearing about how a customer/coworker/family member pissed me off or at least slightly care, I'll be glad to add you back, seeing as how my LJ is friends only. I enjoy cursing and have been known to have the "emo" post from time to time. Then, I remember that I am rad and don't need a guy to affirm my self worth and all is right in the world.

If I'm not slinging coffee at Starbucks, or busting my ass at school...you'll probably find me driving around to a concert or to buy cd's or a season of my favorite television show on DVD. I'm easily pleased. I'm independent. And by independent I don't mean of my parents. I just don't need clingy people in my life or people that are fake. I see through everything. Don't think I don't. I rarely apologize. I'd rather be alone than with people I don't like. I don't take any bullshit. And by not taking any bullshit I don't mean from stupid coffee drinking customers. I love dancing. I love my pink razr. I loved my iPod til it died. I love my car. I love my job. I love new experiences. I love compliments. I love my Clinique Red Hot lipstick. I love my hair. I love my fake Ugg boots because they are all the comfort, a fraction of the price. I love bargains and outlet shopping. I love random calls, since I don't call anyone. I love that feeling when you've made someone incredibly happy.

Most of all I'm loveable. But you already knew that didn't you?

I maintain the community the_edison_show

Thanks to Sarah for making this LJ possible <3

Noodle Is Cute Little Psycho Japanese Love
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